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“A Late Night Visit” Rated: NC-17

Despite better judgement Tony saves Loki from the fate of becoming S.H.I.E.L.D.’s prisoner and guinea pig. Later on while he is busy regretting his decision, Loki pays him a visit to thank and/or kill him.

“A Thousand Years” [Series, AU, WIP] Rated: M (Mortal Loki and Thor)

What if our favorite Gods were never from a different planet? What if Thor and Loki were just humans like all the rest of us, trying to carve out a piece of normal life in a world of superheroes? Jane Foster invites her co-worker Tony Stark over for dinner on the same night Thor invites his brother (totally unplanned, she’ll assure you). Will the night end in chaos? Or something a little more fun?

“Adventures in Food” [Series] Rated: T

A series of encounters with the Norse God of Mischief… when he’s not necessarily up to mischief.

And Skin Remembers”Rated: NC-17

Loki can see his pulse jumping in his neck in the glow from the arc reactor, and Tony stares at him like he wants to devour him and everything he is and Loki may have been alive for millennia but he doesn’t know what to do with that.

“Attention, Attention” Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot)

Loki is being domestic (while naked) and Tony sees opportunities.

“Attack of the Minivengers” [Series, WIP] Rating: G (humour, crack, kid fic)

In which Loki accidentally (awkwardly) turns The Avengers and himself (but not Tony) into four-year-old versions of themselves, and is the only one of the children who is actually able to keep his adult brain. The others? …Not so much.

“Amnesia” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (humour, angst)

Loki gets his memories and magic taken, and is sent to earth to live a human life by Odin. Unfortunately, Tony Stark shows up and everything changes for ‘Gabriel’.

“The Accidental Husband” Rated: M (crack, marriage)

Tony wakes up and finds himself married. To Loki. Things don’t really go according to anybody’s plan thereafter.

“Anarchy In The Jurisdiction” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (mpreg, fluff)

Tony has a visitor who wants to drink away his problems with heavy liquor. It just so happens that Tony is an expert on drinking away problems, so together Iron Man and the God of Mischief get drunk, inadvertently leading to more…

“A Second Chance” [Series, WIP] Rated: T (humour)

Tony Stark is a little alarmed when a rather beat up Norse god appears in Stark Tower. Why does he suddenly feel the need to help him, and why do people keep asking him all of these questions

“A Much Needed Release” [Series] Rated: M (fluff, angst, smut)

It all began when Loki appeared in Tony’s workshop, looking for a fight. Drunk Tony has different plans.

“A Lovebite of Hate” [AU] Rated: NC-17 (blood kink, vampire AU, porn with little plot)

Tony finds himself searching for an answer for what he saw, and goes on a vampire chase because that’s exactly what he SHOULDN’T be doing.



“Battle Damaged” Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot, hurt/comfort)

Tony returns home seriously injured from a rather difficult mission and just wants to rest, but Loki has other ideas.

“Born This Way” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17

Stark Industries holds a masquerade ball, and to prove he’s over Pepper Tony decides to get under someone else. He’s more surprised than anyone when he realises just who that someone else is. Part 1 of a Series of at least 5.

“Brothers” [Series, AU, WIP] Rated: T - NC-17 (university, humour)

A tongue-in-cheek, metafictional account of the clusterfuck that is Loki’s life as a sophomore at Elysian University, a semi-prestigious college with the most ridiculously jumbled student body you’ve ever seen. He deals with the Four Dwarves, a budding romance with his best friend-slash-absolute psycho, a horrendous psychology professor, bipolar disorder, and more on a daily basis. Oh, and he let his brother Thor move in with him. Worst decision he’s ever made.

“Body and Soul” Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot)

Loki usually finds a way to take what he wants.

“Better to Reign in Hell than Serve in Heaven” [Series, AU] Rated: T (college, angst)

Loki and Tony dated their junior and senior years of high school, but broke up after Tony cheated at a dance. When their sophomore year of college starts, they are forced to speak again, as Loki is assigned to be Tony’s roommate. And neither of them wants to admit that he secretly is looking forward to it…

“Broke Into A Thousand Pieces” [Series, AU, WIP] Rated: T (high school, angst, humour)

Tony Stark is a budding actor and a ridiculous flirt at Avengers High School. Loki doesn’t have a clue what the hell is going to happen next. Steve Rogers is the new kid whose existence gives you dear reader’s exposition and Pepper Potts thinks that Tony’s a jerk.

They’re not going to grow up any time soon, anyways.


“Bitter Sirens” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17 (Bruce Banner, Tony/Bruce, part 4 involves Loki/Tony)

Under pressure from world leaders and the ever increasing violence of anti-S.H.I.E.L.D. protests, Director Fury caved, calling for Loki to return to Earth to stand trial as a war criminal. Stark Tower is determined as the only safe place to house him, tensions rising to a boiling point between the Avengers and their new guest.

Director Fury made the call, but at what cost?


“The Birds and the Bees” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17 (fluff, humour)

In which Tony finds himself in possession of a houseplant and so very, very many unanswered questions.

“But My Smile Still Stays On” [Series, AU] Rated: T (university AU)

It’s pretty well assumed by people that you shouldn’t chase after the people that try to shove you off a table when you kiss them. Except, Tony Stark has never been most people, and he’s hardly used to being rejected, even by someone as quiet or gorgeous as fashion design student Loki Laufeyson.

“Built Like A Moth” [Series, WIP] Rated: M

Loki shows up in Tony Stark’s penthouse at a ridiculous hour, on the run and demanding that drink Tony never gave him.

“Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was” [Series, WIP, AU] Rated: T (university AU, angst, humour)

'Going through a rough time' may be a bit of an understatement for Tony. Lucky for Loki, he gets to deal with it. Needless to say he isn't exactly thrilled. Humor, fluff, angst, and some slashy bits.

“Beast” [Series, WIP, AU] Rated: NC-17 (non con/rape, hurt/comfort, angst, bottom Tony)

A modern re-telling of Beauty & the Beast

“The Brownstone” [Series, AU] Rated: M (character death, angst, bottom Tony)

It all began with the brownstone.

  “Bedroom Hymns” [Series, AU, Complete] Rated: M (angst, humour, hurt/comfort, prostitution)

Loki is a prostitute on the run from his adoptive family and Tony Stark is the rich CEO of Stark Industries. Both are decidedly unhappy but not willing to admit it. When a twist of fate causes Tony to take in Loki off the streets neither has any idea of how much of an effect it will have on both of their lives.

“Bigmouth Strikes Again” Rated: M (one shot, established relationship)

Tony doesn’t think he and Loki actually have a thing going. Well. Not until Tony fucks it up, at least.

 “Behind Closed Doors” [AU] Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot)

Two rivals in the market, Tony and Loki spit fire at each other - in public, anyway. What happens behind closed doors is an entirely different matter. Pure workplace smut.



“Curls” [Series] Rated: T

Loki discovers Tony Stark can make angsting difficult.

“Cold” Rated: NC-17

Written for norsekink, “exiled Loki seeks Tony Stark’s help/money/resources”.

“Coming Home” [Series] Rated: M (angst, humour, hurt/comfort)

Of out losing everything, Loki finds a new fascination: sheep. Em…Tony Stark. And Tony? Tony is intrigued. Puzzles always make him want to break them apart until he knows exactly what makes them tick and Loki isn’t any different. Together they’ll either reshape the world or break it apart. What will it be?

“Colors” [Series] Rated: M (mpreg, death)

Loki is in a secret relationship with Tony Stark when Odin strips him of his powers and makes him mortal. And another surprise - he is pregnant. While he is a mortal now, his baby is still half Jotun and the pregnancy will probably kill him. Loki is ready to die if necessary to keep his child alive.

“Corny Lines for Thanksgiving” [AU] Rated: G (mortal Loki and Thor)

When Tony looks through the window of his office, he sees a blonde guy with a too big dog and too-loud laugh. And then he falls for his boyfriend.

“The Call” [AU] Rated: T (university, character death, human Loki and Thor, threesome, Steve Rogers)

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. They were suppose to have a happy ending together, possibly get married and all that fluffy shit the younger liked so much. Not this. No, this was a nightmare that he was going to wake up from and everything would be back to normal. This was a nightmare…

“Conviction” [Series, WIP] Rated: M

Post-Avengers. It is the duty of the Æsir to safeguard the Nine Realms and keep peace in the universe. Thanos wages war on Midgard and the Sons of Odin must take up their sacred charge. Loki must bear arms, side-by-side with Earth’s own heroes, against the Mad Titan and the darkness in his own mind. Loki-centric. Eventual FrostIron

 “Crash a Party, Gain a Stark” [AU] Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot, prostitution)

A young boy crashes Howard Stark’s party, and Tony knows that anyone causing a ruckus as his dad’s events is worthy of befriending. He’s shocked to see where the boy returns when he’s thrown out of the party though.


“Dance like You’re the God of Chaos” Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot)

“Hello,” Loki said, smiling crookedly as Tony roughly yanked him away from the crowd of sweat-drenched, near-naked men he had been dancing with.

“Detectives, Death, and Mahogany Desks” [Series, AU] Rated: T (humour)

AU. Tony Stark, hard-boiled PI, is visited upon by a mysterious man looking for help. This visit sets off a chain of events that sends Tony into a mystery that rocks his world.

“Debt” [Series] Rated: T

Tony Stark shouldn’t find Loki fascinating, but he does, because all he’s ever wanted to do is take things apart to see how they work. Besides, he’s never been any good at following the rules.

“Desiderata” [AU] Rated: NC-17

Tony doesn’t know anything about love. He’s convinced himself it’s for the best.

“Dots Verse” [Series, AU] Rated: M

Tony is an impulsive young man who needs to stop putting his foot in his mouth because it’s going to bring him trouble -and not of the hygienic sort. Loki is his blind university teacher who apparently likes Tony’s sight-related jokes.

“Dominoes and Dynamite” [Series, WIP] Rated: T-M

When Tony’s solo attempt to catch Loki goes awry, he finds himself struggling to counteract the god’s plans and unravel his secrets. Loki is vaguely amused by these attempts

“Dirty Dancers” Rated: NC-17

Tony finds Loki dancing in a club.

“Drown” [Series] Rated: T (angst, hurt/comfort)

Three months after Operation Avengers all is well. Or is it? When Steve and Tony hack into SHIELD to find missing weapons shipments they find more than they bargained for in the form of a prisoner who should, by rights, have been sent to Asgard long ago.

“Death Won’t Break Us” Rated: M (angst, character death)

Tony’s always hated the graveyard, because seriously who the fuck likes graveyards anyway?

“Despair and Defiance” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17 (torture, Jotun Loki)

It’s a fundamental law of the universe: events have consequences.

Events like Thor’s loyalty being torn between two points. Like Tony quite possibly not entirely definitely maybe becoming obsessed with Loki. Like Loki daring to breathe for one moment longer.

Consequences like blood and ice and pain.

And that must be lived with.

If it doesn’t kill them first.



“Exit Wounds” [Series, AU] Rated: T

"Tony had split himself into before Pepper and after Pepper, and he hated Tony after Pepper. He had never been unsure of himself in this sense before Pepper. She’d told him he was either too much, or not enough, for people, and Tony after Pepper suddenly remembered all his personality flaws every ten or fifteen seconds when confronted with a room full of people."

“The Enemy in Your Head” [Series, WIP] Rated: T (Part 2 link)

An attempt at casting a spell on the Hulk goes awry when Tony intervenes, linking Tony and Loki in ways neither of them wanted.

“Extremely Hot and Currently Female” Rated: R (Lady Loki, voyeurism)

Tony knows he shouldn’t sleep with Loki, it’s just sometimes he’s drunk and she’s female and he forgets why.

“Ever After” [Series, WIP] Not Rated

Because life is always a series of outcomes and every story has a different ending. In here, every chapter tells a different story. You’ve been warned.



“From A Seed” [Series] Rated: NC-17 (humour, crack, implied mpreg)

In which Tony finds himself in possession of a houseplant and so very, very many unanswered questions.

“Faith in the Deceiver” [Series] Rated: T (mpreg, hurt/comfort)

When New York is attacked, all evidence for who’s responsible points to Tony Stark. With S.H.I.E.L.D. practically on their knees and everyone filled with a sense of doubt, Tony and Loki try to find the truth.

But the turn that everything takes is not something anyone expected.


“Flying from the Blast” [Series, WIP] Rated: T - NC-17 (Thor, angst)

Four times Loki and Tony went out, and one time they stayed in.

“Friday Night” Rated: T (threesome, Pepper Potts)

Pepper loved the office at night.



“Getting Along Nicely” [Series, WIP] Rated: T (crack, humour, mpreg)

Will a jet fit through a drive-thru? Would Loki eat a Popsicle for five million dollars? Will Tony ever get his mind out of the gutter, and will Loki let him? Probably not.


“Halo” Rated: M (semi AU)

The timeline starts in a fall of glass. There’s a staggering loss of gravity as Tony stares up at the suddenly blue sky.

“Hold With Those Who Favor Fire” Rated: NC-17 (Lady Loki, dubious consent)

Tony takes home a woman he met in a bar. Loki lets Tony take him home. Both of them fail in expecting the unexpected.

“Howl” [Series, WIP, AU] Rated: M (vampire, crack)

It wasn’t the first time they met and wasn’t the last but it was certainly among the most bloody.

“How to Save the World without Armor” Rated: G (fluff, crack)

Loki is touch starved. Tony Stark defeats him through the power of cuddles.

“Holding the Universe Together” Rated: M (dominance, power play)

Tony moved away, turning to head out of the living room and leave Loki behind; a flicker, and his image was sliding across every reflective surface, caught in them as if Loki was truly in the room. Tony could see him on the gleam on the metal rails surrounding the staircase, and in the glass of the tabletop, and in the sheen of the coffee maker as he passed through the kitchen.

“Hourglass” Rated: T (angst, fluff)

Loki always was quick to catch onto a lie.

“How Twilight Would Have Gone if Bell Had Had an Overprotective Asgardian Brother” Rated: T (crack)

The one time Tony wants for Loki to have ulterior motives, he doesn’t. Neither does he really need protection, but he asks for it anyway, and there are ulterior motives involved, but not where it counts.

All in all, Tony probably would have been better off if this had been a dream after all.

“Hulk Out, Hulk In” Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot)

It’s been a few months since the incident on Midgard and Loki has been sent back to Earth with Thor to stay at the Stark Tower for a while, but Loki upon seeing Bruce he freaks out. Tony is trying his best to help Loki not freak out when ever Bruce is near but has Loki started to fall for Stark in the process.



“I’ve Been Everywhere” Rated: NC-17 (dominance)

For the prompt: “I just want to see Loki topping the hell out of Tony and describing everything he wants to do to him. Making Tony beg before he actually fucks him.”

“In Which Loki Stops Tony from Dying” Rating: T (humour, fluff)

Tony isn’t injured but Loki doesn’t believe him. And then there is kissing.

“Ilk” [Series, WIP] Rated: T (hurt/comfort)

After battling the Avengers, Loki returns home a prisoner. However, when another threatens Odin’s realm, it is he who must save Asgard. Heavily wounded, Loki seeks the aid of those who defeated him.

“Incognito Business” Rating: T (fluff, crack)

Tony Stark was a man who had a lot of time on his hands, most of which he spent on his current hobby:

Stalking certain Norse Gods of Mischief.

“In Another Country (People Die)” [AU] Not Rated (insanity, torture)

Tony sometimes he thinks the world has no idea how relieved it should be that he flipped a coin that day and tails told him not to be a villain



“Judas” [Series] Rating: T (Steve Rogers, Steve/Tony as well as Loki/Tony)

Tony is in love with Steve, but Steve is oblivious and continues to talk greater of Howard Stark rather than Tony. Drunk, Tony sleeps with another man who may not be who he says he is.



“Keeping Count” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17 (bottom Tony)

There’s a counter at the bottom right of Tony’s screens. No one really knows what it is, not even Pepper. Loki questions and Tony answers.



“Like a Cool Breeze” Rated: T

It turns out that Loki’s kisses are just as cool as his demeanor.

“Life (is sweet)” [AU] Rated: NC-17

Everyone has a beginning to their stories, everyone always will. And Loki, he’s paid millions to be fucked (and he counts by the hour quarters, loves), they all know him. They know his name, he’s been on headlines, and everyone who has the money, they. They want some, they want some, and they want themselves some Loki. And Loki, he says, sure, boys and girls, just show me the money.

“Light Deceiver” Rated: T (angst)

SHIELD discovers Loki and Tony are in a relationship and decide to have Tony executed as a traitor. Loki reminds SHIELD of their place.

“Lokasenna” Rated: NC-17 (angst, torture, hurt/comfort)

Some mornings, Tony wakes up and can’t believe Loki’s right there. And then he remembers, grudgingly, that he has, maybe, on some stupid level, those sons of bitches to thank for the way things turned out.

“Lay Back for Now” [Series] Rated: M (costume kink, cross-dress)

Loki keeps the skirt, and maybe the stilettos, on and Tony has a related tight fetish of some kind (smooth tight, tights covered by socks, tights covered by leather…) and can’t help but be attracted to them during all the show, foreplay and sex.

“Let’s Play A Game, Shall We?” Rated: NC-17 (nervous game)

Tony and Loki play the Nervous Game. Too bad neither is keen on the idea of losing.

“The Loki Problem” [Series] Rated: T (hurt/comfort, humour)

Loki catches a cold and his magic goes crazy. The Avengers are being taken out one by one…

“Learning to Fly” Rated: G (see Judas for part 1 of series)

While walking back from grocery shopping Loki spots a swing set and wants to try it out, dragging Tony along of course.

“Longing” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (angst)

Tony can’t stop thinking about his last encounter with a certain God of Mischief.

“Lost Tree” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (kid fic, kid Loki, angst, time travel)

When young Loki raised the Sword of Surtur against the betrayer Thor would have spared, he glimpsed a terrible darkness in his heart. Afeard of his own future, he casts himself forward in time. There, he bears witness to the chaos on Midgard wrought by his own hands and despairs over his fall from prince to villain – a path that seems more and more inevitable. [In other words, Tales of Asgard!Loki finds himself in Avengers!Loki’s shoes.]

Loki is Exactly the Kind of Lover Tony has Always Wanted” Rated: NC-17 (bottom Tony, porn with little plot)

Tony’s been with all kinds of people. Men, women, some things he’s pretty sure don’t count for either. Mutants, humans, superhumans, gods (turns out yes, Thor can get drunk and no, they’re never mentioning that little incident again even if Tony hadn’t walked straight for a week after) and probably a few aliens, he’s usually too careful to ask.



“My Heart, Your Hands” [Series] Rated: T (angst, kid fic)

"Alaya Marie Primrose Stark was born on a hot sunny day before Tony was Iron Man. Her mother’s name is Mollie and Tony visits her when she’s one day old. He holds her and she’s cute but Tony’s just wishing this never happen. To be honest, Tony’s surprised it’s taken this long for this to happen."

Tony just wants to see his damn kid smile and if that involves Loki so be it.


“Man of Intergalactic War” [Series] Rated: NC-17

After Loki falls from Asgard, he ends up on Midgard and wants to find a way back. He ropes in Tony Stark to help.

“Mittens” Rated: G (humour, kittens)

The Avengers haven’t seen Loki for a while, and when they eventually track him down they find out he has adopted a pet kitten and has been spending all of his time playing with it. Thor mistakenly thinks he is an uncle again…

“Mortality” [Series, WIP] Rated: T (cat Loki, humour)

After a magic mishap, Loki finds himself temporarily stuck in the form of a cat. Tony’s beginning to think he might be more of a dog person.

“My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult” Rated: NC-17 (graphic violence, bottom Tony)

One heart can hold hatred, lust, devotion and fear, whether the heart of a human or of a god.

“The Midas Touch” Rated: T

The Avengers face off against a villain called Midas. (Spoiler alert; he turns things to gold). Tony gets in over his head and Loki, to everyone’s surprise, saves him.



“Nine Lives” [see Mortality series] Rated: T (cat Loki, humour)

“Near To You” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (humour)

"By Asgard, do you ever shut up?" Loki rounded on him, rising to his feet so that he towered over the billionaire. "When you sleep, you snore, when you are awake, you talk. I have half a mind to snap your neck right now, if not for risk of your rotting corpse permeating this cell with its stench.



“Off the Record” [WIP, Series] Rated: NC-17 (humour, drama, angst)

It started with a message, a late-night visit, and a God of Mischief in Tony’s bed. A story of trust, trickery, unwilling aid and inevitable attraction.

“Of Cold Winter Nights” Rated: NC-17 (food kink, bottom Tony)

It’s raining, and Tony’s soaked to the bone and wants nothing more than to curl up with a cup of Nutella hot chocolate and sleep off the cold. Loki has a better idea.

“Overlap Sundials with Your Shadows” Rated: NC-17 (dominance, voyeurism)

"Because," Loki said his voice impassive and even, as if he was commenting on the weather, "otherwise I’m going to ride you whilst you’re driving, and that steering wheel was not built to provide a comfortable backrest."

“Ophelia Dreams” Rated: NC-17 (angst, character death)

It started with a kiss, and then it spiraled into madness. Tony can’t regret and Loki won’t and they continue what they started in their dreams. Every night, Loki makes Tony dream of him.

“Occurus Superbia” [Series, WIP] Rated: M

Loki sits in Asgardian jail, awaiting his trial. But when judgement is finally cast upon him, his “Father” strips him of his power and he is cast out to Midgard. The once prideful and arrogant Loki now has to learn to deal with his own humanity. 


“Prisoner’s Dilemma” [Series] Rated: NC-17 (hurt/comfort, angst)

When Loki falls to Earth Tony’s there to find him, and seeing only an injured stranger takes him in with no thoughts for the consequences. As it turns out, a pet god is a big responsibility

“Paths” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17

After a punishment gone wrong Loki heads to Midgard to start new. Perfectly content to leave Asgard behind he never thought it would come looking for him so soon. Pre-Avenger/Avengers fic…just my spin on things.

“Performance Issues” Rated: NC-17 (crack)

Tony Stark’s very presence is intoxicating. Or, the one in which Tony’s arc reactor makes Loki drunk.

“The Potential You’ll Be (that you’ll never see)” Rated: NC-17

Loki has an army and so much malice in his heart. Tony has liquor and Loki bent over his bar. They both have the lies that they tell themselves and everyone else.

“Presumptions” Rated: T (angst, ptsd)

Tony knows what this is. It’s palladium fucking palladium weighing down on a manufactured heart.

“Pink Potion Should Not Be Put in Coffee” [Series, WIP] Rated: M

Thor wants his brother happiness over anything else and when he decide that this happiness can only be found if his brother has a special someone…well love potion seems the best way to go and the intended target was not Tony Stark…but well he likes sweets!

“Poison” Rated: NC-17 (bondage, BDSM, porn with little plot)

Loki drops by for a visit that leaves Tony wanting more. Unfortunately, Loki has other plans.


“Queen Antonia of Jotunheim – political marriage gone right” [Series,WIP, AU] Rated: G (fem!Tony, genderswap, canon character death)

In which Tony Stark is a woman. She is oblivious to Steve Rogers growing affections and prefers Loki’s attentions. Thanos is coming. Loki redeems himself. Yggdrasil is stabilized with a marrage in Asgard between King Loki of Jotunheim, prince of Asgard, and Antonia Stark, ‘princess’ of Midgard. a threeway alliance between the planets. It is a complicated tale and most of it isn’t even written yet. This is Tony’s story and since she’s a self-absorbed egoist most of the story concerns her and not anyone else.



“Rolling Like Thunder” [Series, AU] Rated: T (angst)

“Tony, stop,” Loki chokes through his laughter, grabbing at his friend’s hand and squeezing. This is why his life would have been much better if only he’d met Tony earlier.

“Redemption” [Series] Rated: NC-17 (hurt/comfort, angst)

Set just after the film. Loki is banished from Asgard and stripped of his powers as punishment for his actions against Midgard. However even if Stark accepts being Loki’s steward, can he manage to keep him safe from the Chitauri?

“Raining Rust” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (angst)

Love, like rain, comes and goes. Once you’re caught in that downpour, that heart-first-head-later kind of love, there’s no turning back. And you stand there shivering, either wishing the feeling would never end or cursing the name of the very person you think of every time it rains. Unfortunately for Tony Stark, he was stuck with the cursing end of the deal.

“Remembrance” [GEN] Rated: T (amnesia, character death, angst)

Tony Stark invents a weapon designed to incapacitate Loki, but it doesn’t work how they expected it too. Loki loses all his memories, he can’t speak, he doesn’t know who anyone is, he can’t even feed himself so The Avengers have to look after him. Then aliens invade earth and it all goes a little bit crazy.

“Ruling with an Iron Fist” Rated: NC-17 (bottom Tony)

Loki is wearing the most infuriating smirk and Tony wishes he could wipe it away, coming to stand protectively in front of his equipment. He looks around quickly to see if he can find any annoying henchmen, but there seems to be just Loki. Loki, who is suddenly so very, very close.



“Stay With Me” [Series] Rated: M

Odin has cast Loki out in much the same way he’d cast Thor, the difference being that Loki has made enemies. It is his prerogative to survive by any means necessary and he is taken aback, if anything, by the generosity and kindness of one billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. It’s amazing what pampering and kind words can do.

“Shattered Hearts, Twisted Mirrors” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (torture, angst)

Loki’s punishment has been dealt and he has been imprisoned, but somehow he manages to escape and ends up on Tony’s floor. Tony, who has been trying to solve the magic puzzle since Loki and Thor vanished so many months ago, does not approve of what happened to Loki. Tony sees in the other a twisted reflection of his own heart.

“Stiletto” Rated: T (Lady Loki)

The smouldering beauty that Tony Stark keeps hooking up with at the bar has a surprise up her sleeve.

“The Saga of Hug Fortress” [Series, WIP] Rated: T-M (violence, angst, PTSD)

Loki is unstable. Tony is a genius. Together, they fight crime still don’t like each other very much. There might be some benefit in alternative tactics.

“Shades of Green” [Series] Rated: M (hurt/comfort)

Defenceless in battle, Tony finds himself getting help from an unexpected side – too bad for him, that this help causes him so much more trouble than he could have seen coming. But it causes a lot more than that. - M for slash in later chapters.

“Surprises” [Series] Rated: T (crack, humour, fluff)

Nothing should surprise any of them anymore, but somehow they’re always caught by something unexpected. And really, where the God of Mischief and Tony Stark are concerned, they really shouldn’t be so easy to get the jump on, especially by each other. Whether it’s harmless or potentially humiliating, they really should have learned the first time.

Even if all of them -minus Captain Teetotalism Steve Rogers- are so drunk they can’t see straight during some of it.


“Sweet Pain” [Series, WIP] Rated: T (hurt/comfort, angst)

After Loki is defeated, the Avengers think all is well. But when Loki is kidnapped from his own prison cell by Thanos, they can’t leave their old enemy to his torture. When Loki is allowed to stay in the Avengers Tower until he recovers, they realize it isn’t only his body that’s broken, but his mind. Will a certain billionaire be able to put the pieces back together?

“S.O.S. Ecrits Avec De L’Air” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (self harm, angst, suicide)

In which Tony tries to commit suicide, Loki saves him, and everything weird in Tony’s life seems to somehow derive from there.

“Suits and Scarves” Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot, bondage, bottom Tony)

In which Tony looks good in a tux, Loki looks good in a suit, and Tony finds a better use for Loki’s scarf.

“Something To Hold Onto” Rated: M (porn with little plot)

Loki wanted to try something different with Tony that night, and decided it best to leave his helmet on this time - to give Tony something to hold onto.

“The Stories Untold” [Series, Complete] Rated: T (hurt/comfort)

It is a surprise for Tony when Loki appears at his house two years after the battle. Slowly he pieces together what happened to the Asgardian that made him so jaded.

“Solve for X” Not Rated

"All right, Rudolph. Find X," Stark says, tossing his empty soup bowl down and bringing up another pseudo-screen of light, tapping rapidly on it. He slides the image over, fingers pinning it down to the table, trapping naught but air and offering it as an olive branch. Whatever darkens Stark’s eyes when their gazes meet is not pity, not blame, and there are drops of onion soup in his ridiculous beard.

Loki slowly reaches over to tap the little X that is revealed once Stark lifts his thumb away and says, “I found it.”


Shattered Iron, Frostbitten Lies” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (angst, hurt/comfort, humour, adventure)

What happens when the God of Chaos and Lies literally drops in on you? Tony Stark is faced with exactly that and pays a high price for dealing with Loki.

“Silent Serpents” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (angst, slight AU)

Loki’s fall into the Abyss resulted in a different shift in his mind, jarring him out of his destructive state. After his encounter with the Chitauri, he escapes to earth, intent on thwarting their plans. He runs across Tony Stark along the way.

“Self-Abuse” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17 (masturbation, voyeurism, self harm, dub-con, threesome)

noun -ə-ˈbyüs\

1: reproach of oneself
2: masturbation
3: abuse of one’s body or health

“Spiting the Sun” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (angst, imprisonment, torture)

“What the hell?” Tony stared. It was Loki up there on the screen, face streaked with dirt and blood, hair tangled, and glaring bloody murder into the camera. On his knees, in an ugly too-big t-shirt, looking like he’d been though seven kinds of hell. Loki.

One does not cause mayhem without consequences; Loki takes the plunge and finds himself powerless in an alien and inhospitable part of Midgard. And this is only the beginning of his troubles.

 “Seven Devils” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (angst, self harm)

Three years after the War of New York, Jotunheim is ruled by Helblindi, the half-brother to Loki and younger son of the late Laufey. With war threatening Asgard and his own life on the line, Loki returns to Midgard and to the doorstep of the very last person he ever thought he’d see again: Tony Stark.


“Touched on a Thousand Subjects” Rated: G (hurt/comfort)

Tony knew that he probably looked worse than death, sitting at the island in ancient, dilapidated jogging trousers that only came out of the closet when he was ill, and his old college t-shirt. The elastic had gone from the collar, and he felt the gentle breeze that JARVIS had created slip down over his chest, drying the sweat that kept beading as he bit down on the pain. Pepper would most definitely not approve.

“Tricks of the Trade” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (bottom Tony)

A series of exchanges between a pair of talented showmen: mutual torment of a verbose nature, unexpected gifts, and the peculiar honesty of a pair of craftsmen proud of their own work, and willing to admit admiration of another’s. Also featuring: Loki talking his way out of incarceration, Tony Stark making reckless business decisions on a whim, and much much more.

“Three is the Magic Number” Rated: M (threesome, Captain America)

Loki does what he wants, and Tony’s ok with that.

“Tony’s Chair” Rated: M (humour)

Loki enjoys messing with Tony’s head. And the rest of him.

“Tony Sometimes Has Slightly Extreme Reactions to People Taking his Stuff” Rated: T (humour)

Or 2 Times he Didn’t Like it When Someone Took Something of his and 1 Time he Didn’t Mind.

“Twisted With Lust” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17 (dubcon, angst, bottom Tony)

Loki’s up to mischief, as per usual, but things don’t always go according to plan…

“To Defy, to Comply” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (mentions of non con/rape)

Loki deserves the same chance as Thor, a chance to redeem himself. So he is sent to Earth just as Thor was, though when he arrives he does not find help, instead he ends up at the mercy of humans of a much darker nature. For months he suffers, wondering if this is how he is supposed to learn humility, only to be stumbled upon and “saved” by the very Avengers that should hate him.

“To Love and Be Loved By Me” [Series, WIP, AU] Rated: M (fairy tale)

Anthony Stark is an exiled prince searching for the road that will lead him back into his father’s good graces by taking on quests and challenges all across the land, but always with the help of his trusted (if a bit too cheeky) page boy, Jarvis.

Loki Odinson is a disgraced prince being punished, locked away in a tower, for (nearly) starting a war between his father’s kingdom and that of a newly allied kingdom where his brother’s betrothed resides.

“That Boy is a Monster” Rated: NC-17 (angst, violence, Jotun Loki)

Tony is less than thrilled when Loki shows him his Jotun form. It eats away at Loki until he snaps.

“These Names of Gods and Science” Rated: T (role reversal)

In which Loki Laufeyson is actually a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist who wears a suit of iron in poison green and gold. Tony Stark is the infamous God of Mischief with magic on his fingers sparking deadly red. They have a relationship, of sorts.

♠  “Tainted Love” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17 

After falling from Asgard, Loki lands on Tony Stark’s car and decides to enlist him in his plans of world domination. Unfortunately, one of Loki’s allies has schemes of his own which forces Loki down a strange path, complicated by romance.


“Untitled” Rated: NC-17

“This isn’t…hnnnnn exactly what I expected when I said ‘a drink’.” Tony’s breathing was already labored, panting out as he stared down at the god between his legs.

♠ “The Underwater Basket-Weaving Society of America” [Series, WIP] Rated: T

Loki’s crash landed, which is great. Only what do you do with a powerless, power-hungry ex-god looking for retaliation?

“Untitled” Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot)

There was a short red string hanging from the top of closed door that Tony noticed when he approached.  He knew what it meant and he knew what he’d find when he opened that door. 

“Untitled (Domestic)” Rated: G (drabble, domestic)

Click click click.  Incessant tapping, keys being pressed on a keyboard in a flurried manner.

“Untitled (Prisoner Tony)” Rated: M (injuries, hint at dub-con)

Tony is taken prisoner. 

“Untitled” Rated: NC-17 (porn with little plot)

Loki slowly rubbed a finger against his bottom lip as he admired his handiwork.  A dark yet pleased smile spread across his face.

“Unsure and a Hundred” Rated: T

He felt like he’d been falling and falling for days, waiting to either hit the ground in a huge mess, or for Loki to appear. And even then, he didn’t know if Loki would catch him, or watch him falling, and laugh, and the fear that someone had that power over him was scary. It’d probably be better if Loki did watch him fall, and if he managed to pick himself up and clean up his own mess. He’d told himself that he wouldn’t care, either way, once he’d given the opportunity, but he knew that what was best and what he wanted were two different things.





“Wiping the Ledger Clean” [Series, AU] Rated: M (high school)

Loki’s a bit of an arrogant, pretentious hipster, and Tony Stark could make him worse than ever. Bonus points if you get the Sherlock references and such.

“The Way It Goes” [AU] Rated: T (human Loki and Thor)

Loki is a ballet dancer juggling between two (or three, or possibly four) different lives.
Tony Stark is an engineer’s son who goes into theatrical props to piss his father off.

Then they meet, and worlds collide.


“Who Knew?” [Series, WIP] Rated: M (humour, mpreg)

Tony had always been careful with who he sleeps with. Man or woman, he always makes sure that there will be no accidents. Still, who really knew how potent a god/frost giant sorcerer was in bed? Well, now he had some idea.

“What Has Been and What Never Was” Rated: T (Lady Loki, angst, pregnancy)

Tony just can’t believe she’s behaving like nothing happened.

“Why Loki Threw Tony Stark Out of a Window” Rated: NC-17

Thoughts raced through his mind about the strange turn of events. If it weren’t for his competitive streak and his strong desire to ire Natasha for rejecting him, Tony would never have joined the Avengers. The mere thought of working in a team set his nerves on edge and he massaged his temples in an attempt to avoid an impending headache.

“Will-o’-the-wisp” [Series, WIP] Rated: M

Given enough time, Loki believes he could develop an affinity for Tony Stark. The issue is that mortals never have enough time. It’s something that, in Tony’s case, he will seek to correct.

“Wooer Wooed” Rated: G (fluff)

In which the student surpasses the master.

“We Looked Like Giants” Rated: M

A song-fic in which Tony and Loki have a hidden relationship which is eventually found out, and, well.

“The Words I Cannot Speak” [Series] Rated: M (part one of the Shattered Hearts, Twisted Mirrors series, angst, torture)

Loki’s punishment has been dealt and he has been imprisoned, but somehow he manages to escape and ends up on Tony’s floor. Tony, who has been trying to solve the magic puzzle since Loki and Thor vanished so many months ago, does not approve of what happened to Loki. Tony sees in the other a twisted reflection of his own heart.

“We Shall Have Peace” Rated: T (future fic/AU)

Loki succeeded in conquering the Earth. 85 years later Avenger, Steve Rogers is released from prison only to find that Earth has become a true utopia.

“Whose Turn Is It Anyway?” [Series, WIP] Rated: NC-17 (multiple Loki pairings, threesome, orgy, porn with little plot)

In short: Loki goes into heat in the middle of a battle, and Thor’s totally calm in explaining he’s usually the one to deal with it. The Avengers try really hard not to go there mentally, but do, and are way too turned on. Then sex is like their battle: everyone against Loki. Who’s the last one standing? ;)

“Wondering Why” Rated: T

He never really knew the reason he let Loki into his bed. Maybe it was because Loki didn’t exactly give him a choice the first time and, with him being the playboy that he was, he consented to it





“You Healed My Heart and My Life” [AU] Rated: M (kid au, angst)

"Are you sure you two are brothers? You look nothing alike!"

He was 12 and Thor was going to be 14 in a few weeks when Sif pointed it out. For the first time Loki was different, it was the first time Loki and Thor noticed. They had no response, because they didn’t know anymore. They had always been told they were brothers, and Thor insisted after a stunned pause that of course they were! But everything they knew began to crack then.


“You Like Your Boys Insane” Rated: M

But he can’t pity Loki, for if he showed even the briefest desire to do so that armour would snap right back into place and the man (god thing) would never ever come near him again, and so he takes the second best option. Takes those hands, those terribly skilled hands no matter how often Loki insists that all his strength is in his words, and gently tugs.

“You’re not Tony!?” Rated: T (ThunderFrost, angst)

Loki’s really good at memorizing phone numbers….. Isn’t he?

♠  “You Found Me” [AU, Series, WIP] Rated: M

Tony Stark is a rich man of American origin who decides to repose in English province. He becomes enthralled by the person of Loki Odinson, young scientist who’s disregarded by his family.

AU inspired by J. Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”